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Customer and Employee Experience
Centric Development

Business consultant
Image by Alf Palacios

Customer and Employee Experience
Centric Development

Business consultant
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Aim, Structure & Communicate is a methodology that helps businesses:
- Clarify what they are doing & why
- Organize & streamline systems towards these aims
- Communicate effectively internally & externally


  • Define company values & core competencies

  • Set short and long term goals

  • Provide employees a sense of ownership in achieving these goals


  • Create an ideal customer journey, compare to existing experience, improve accordingly

  • Align customer expectations with operational realities

  • Employee engagement strategy


  • Training is thorough and consistent 

  • Market positioning is clear to employees and customers

  • Clear communication flow to & from stakeholders - including staff

Unite your business towards Shared Goals
Improve Customer & Employee Experience

Service Quality & Loyalty Improve
Higher Revenues & Lower Turnover Costs

Services by Category

Below is a summary of how the micro services combine to the macro solutions. 
Both micro services and macro solutions are available independently and collectively.
Value Articulation 
Goal Setting
Align Stakeholder Motivations
Employee Experience Mapping & Research
Customer Experience Mapping & Research
Service Delivery System Review
Selection, Onboarding & Training System Review
Internal Communications Review & Building
Align Marketing with Operations




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Specific Solutions


Professionally – You are capable, knowledgeable and conduct yourself very professionally. 

You have good commercial knowledge which you apply in every process. You are very flexible in your approach and make yourself available for all tasks whether you’re proficient or not.  You’re a quick learner and a good coach. 


Personally - You’re hard working and intelligent with an entrepreneurial flair, an absolute pleasure to work with.

Julie Grieve

Your attitude to work always impressed me and the fact that you were such a quick learner and always keen to pick up any type of work within the team was great. 

You were a pleasure to work with simply because of your can-do attitude and willingness to learn. Keep it up and I believe you’ll go far!

Declan Duncan


Thanks for reaching out!

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