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Cally MacColla
History before Consulting

I have a degree in International Business Management and a track record of finding and solving problems within businesses I have worked for. 

The problems I had a knack for solving included:

  • Inefficient processes that negatively effected customer or my own experience

  • Training that lacked depth, consistency or critical information

  • Fixing my own or others' feelings of boredom, apathy or outright dislike towards the work being done

Between the experiences I've had working within a organizations of all sizes (as well as leading teams to victories in business competitions) I'm confident my experiences have put me in good stead to be successful in consulting. 

If you have questions about my experiences, I'd be happy to discuss them in our initial consultation.

  • Honesty is the simplest and most effective route.

  • A clear vision of the future is the best motivator.

  • Results delivered are always greater than earnings.

Businesses of Particular Interest

I am particularly passionate about helping businesses that are:​

  • Solving an important problem

  • Doing business in an ethical manner

  • Interested in developing a culture where employees are excited about their jobs

  • Trying to make customer interactions more than a mere transaction

Cally MacColla
           My mission is to create better working environments and            processes that in turn improve customer experiences. 

In my most rewarding and productive experiences these statements have been true:

  • I was working towards a common goal with a group, sharing a set of standards and values.

  • We used and improved systems to enhance customer experiences and to reduce friction.

  • I was informed by management of our goals and was offered opportunities to discuss & contribute

In an effort to make this more commonplace, my goal is to help businesses Aim, Structure and Communicate their way towards happier outcomes for employees, customers and their bottom line.

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